WE HAVE EXPERIENCE in working for visually impaired people ranging from 9 to over 20 years;
WE KNOW BRAILLE ALPHABET – two of us are Scoring Instructors certified by the Polish Association of the Blind, we run Braille alphabet learning courses;
WE ARE PRACTICES – we use Braille every day. Three of us are the blind, two are visually impaired;
WE ARE EMPLOYING A SPECIALIST FOR AVAILABILITY – it is a postgraduate course, completed by one of our employees, after all, practice is the most important thing, however, strong theoretical foundations and in-depth knowledge of legal provisions regarding broadly understood accessibility for people with special needs is necessary when performing orders for our clients;
OUR SERVICE IS COMPREHENSIVE – from standard script conversion to Braille and regulatory design to printing and delivery;
WE CHECK QUALITY – We convert, edit and check the correctness and quality of printouts ourselves. What we do is to really serve people with visual impairments;
WE GUARANTEE CORRECTNESS – our prints were checked many times by the Polish Association of the Blind, which issued opinions for investors – Remember that Investors may request such a confirmation – we are not the cheapest, but our products are made correctly;
WE AUDIT projects in terms of meeting the conditions and standards, but most of all suitability for the blind and visually impaired;
We are responsible for our orders with our brand – we do not undertake tasks that will not be useful to visually impaired people in practice;
WE ADVISE – if you want to do something good for the blind or partially sighted, you have an idea, but you are not sure what it should look like – we will try to help.
WE PRINT AS THE ONLY ONES IN POLAND on Japanese equipment intended for convex prints (Braille, typhlographics) with a resolution of over four times greater than others. Our convex prints are extremely accurate, clear, without the effect of grain, not only visually, but above all to the touch.

Until recently, there were (and still are) several companies in Poland (you can count them on the fingers of one hand), who dealt professionally with Braille printing and typhlography with appropriate knowledge and extensive experience. For several months, new companies or advertising agencies have been introducing „Braille and typhlographic” services. This is related to the demand that arose with the entry into force of the Act of July 19, 2019 on providing accessibility to people with special needs.
We know from experience that the services of new companies or advertising agencies very often work … a translator, software that does not always deal with special characters that appear in Braille, will not correctly adjust the text (we know this because we have all these translators and we know their advantages, but unfortunately also disadvantages for years – after converting to Braille, text editing is still necessary), it will not check the finished printout in terms of correctness, size or height. And the typhlographic plans? The floor plan, even if we emphasize it, will still be only a projection, not a typhlographic plan.
In order to make typhlographic plans, many years of experience are necessary, and we keep improving our knowledge by introducing more and more friendly solutions for the blind and partially sighted. When implementing typhlographic plans, „more” never means „better” – didn’t it intrigue you?

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