Our printing method allows you to apply typhylography on a flat surface.

It is perfect for use in situational plans of all kinds:
• Room plans;
• Floor plans,
• Plans of escape routes;
• Maps of reaching specific rooms;
• Terrain maps;
• And other.

We use the following components on the tables:

• Legend / markings in dot Braille;
• Legend / standard lettering in flat and convex form;
• Graphics in a flat and convex form;
• Full color / high contrast;
• Typhlographics can be „hidden” under the outer layer of graphics for sighted people, which allows you to save space on the board, e.g. we put text in Braille (convex) and print text on it for sighted people.

We offer typhlographic printing on materials such as:

• PVC (also foamed)
• Others to be agreed.

An additional advantage is the possibility of using high contrast for partially sighted people – the board is suitable for sighted, partially sighted and the blind people.
It works great both indoors and outdoors, because it is resistant to weather conditions (durability, color).

It is an excellent alternative to other manufacturing techniques due to the quality, price and additional options related to the wide range of possible materials to be used.

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